Tmorph slots

tmorph slots

40 to 67 = the 28 bank slots: 68 = first bank bag slot: 69 = second bank bag slot: 70 = third bank bag slot: 71 = fourth bank bag slot: 72 = fifth bank bag slot: 73. I made a ticket, lost 30 slots, I had 90, and my bank was mostly filled .. i am also missing my morph possibilities. i didn' t morph any, but the. DOWNLOAD PAGE: EQUIPMENT SLOTS:

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Update pls, i seriously cannot play without this Here's the latest response on my ticket: Habe ich auf dem Account keinen Char den ich lösche, weil das keine Lowlevelschimmel-Chars sind, sondern jeder Char gewisse Dinge erreicht hat, sei es diverse legendäre Items, CM-Realmrekorde oder sonst was. You may obtain the IDs either by calling GetInventorySlotInfo , ContainerIDToInventoryID , or from the table below. Anzahl Charakterslots wird in Legion auf 61 erhöht - Neues Account-Maximum. Allgemein nutzen sicher tausende Spieler Serverhopping. Da bin ich froh, das Zirkel des Cenarius mit Todeswache verbunden ist. Just received my email which essentially said: I did respond, still no contact. I had gold deposited on my main character this morning; more than the value of the bank upgrade slots to make up for the materials I lost. There's No Blaze Without Haze. Asked them spiel edelsteine call me about this, online games strategie ohne anmeldung the call was very prompt--arrived under five minutes after I sent the ticket. I submitted four via the in game request system, and one via this website.

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